Day 20-21 (Sun-Mon)

Not the greatest two days. Sunday was terrible. Cheated a lot, too much wheat & sugar!

So I can’t remember fully everything but Sunday involved at the minimum iced tea,chocolate milk, salad (woot!), taquitos, bacon/pineapple pizza, boneless wings…and another ice cream bar and cooler in the evening!! No major excuses but we’d all gotten terrible sleeps the night before as Bodkin woke up a LOT and I was just so tired & no energy, unfortunately alone all day with no car and a sick & alternatingly unhappy/crying child who was tired but not sleeping, so yeah, I was lazy and stress/comfort eating. I had no food prepped at all Less than an hour nap meant I had no time to really prep anything for a good dinner later on and I didn’t want to use the oven or stove. After the non-nap, ended up walking to the store in crazy heat just so Bundleloo could have some muggy humid air and a bit of outside time. Bought more salad greens and sparkling water. But also a nice cold can of iced tea…and a Big Turk bar. Ended up also walking to collect pizza & wings later on for dins. By then it had cooled by a couple degrees and was clouding over and looked like rain, still like walking in a steaming bathroom but a little more tolerable than it had been earlier.


Brunch @ Rozie’s: homefries plate: runny egg, cheese, ham, green pepper and mushrooms over homefries. Very filling, only ate half my plate and N polished off the rest. Iced Americano from Balzacs.

Dinner: big giant salad & leftover boneless wings with peri-peri sauce, delicious Hagen Das ice cream bar (last one!), wine

Must get back on track this week. It hadn’t been perfect by any means before Sunday but I’d been feeling good about staying away from stuff to a much greater degree, / resisting eating crap all of the time and making better choices.

Day 18-19 (Fri-Sat)

Breakfast: paleo bar

Mid-afternoon: iced coffee

Lunch: hardboiled egg, cheese, bits & bites etc.

Dinner (at our far-away friends’): Mexican FEAST…I ate 1.5 chicken enchiladas, good helping of mixed salad, lots of guacamole, spicy salsa and mango salsa, a handful of tortilla chips, sparkling water, glass of dry rose wine
Dessert: small portion of rice pudding

We randomly, last minute decided to stay the night over there, at their gracious invitation since our AC wasn’t up and running yet back home…the guy needed to finish installing the new unit this morning. We were planning on all crashing in our basement, but were tired and decided to just stay. It was SO fun in the morning for our kids to have a playmate immediately upon waking up, when they were all fresh and happy!

Saturday (morning still at friends’ place):
Breakfast: scrumptious scrambled eggs with sauteed onion and fresh rosemary mixed in…never had this combo before but it was REALLY good…strawberries & pineapple, coffee. Tempted to have some smoothie too (saw it being made with yogurt, orange juice, fruit) but resisted and stuck with the plain fresh fruit instead.

(Came home late morning to a still 27 degrees and hella humid in the upstairs of our house! AC was up and running by shortly after noon, but taking forever for the upstairs to cool down enough…still not sleeping up there tonight! Set up Bodkin’s temporary room in the study. He napped there and went to bed there tonight.)

Lunch: paleo bar & milk (hardly hungry…so hot!)

Dinner: spontaneous Thai takeout!!! with our OTHER far-away friends who came over to pick up our AC window units that we don’t need anymore. YUM…with sparkling water, shared half a Mike’s hard extra-dry lemonade, and splurge dessert…Hagen Das salted caramel bar. SO GOOD…so worth a cheat treat.

A really nice couple of days seeing these friends and their kids who are both close to Bodkin’s age.

Day 17 (Thurs)

Breakfast: paleo bar, bit of yogurt with a few berries

Lunch: drive thru iced coffee and burger (shamelessly eating my feelings/cravings bht also I was really hungry, thirsty and exhausted from the heat…we were at a park for a few hours…when I got home piece of cheese, red bell pepper strips, etc while Bodkin was eating

Dinner: mixed salad – dark greens, tomatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin seeds, vinaigrette, pork chop and peri peri sauce; Perrier Lemon Orange with extra lemon…very refreshing!


Day 16 (Wed)

Breakfast: nada

Lunch: 2 hardboiled eggs, half piece of pork chop, leftover salad

Afternoon: iced coffee light on sugar

Dinner at someone’s house: hamburger and mixed salad  (I ate my burger with half a bun and gave His Nibs the other half…sigh…I just felt too conspicuous going bunless, because dinner was a little bit on the sparse side.

Post dinner : social evening at my place, I passed on other dessert brought and had a few GF cookies that I bought… wanted to be sure there was something I could eat and still have a little treat…with decaf coffee/cream…later on, had a glass of Perrier Lemon & Orange…it’s good! Better than the Lime, IMO.

Day 15 (Tues)

Breakfast: coffee

Late morning: Sbux iced Americano

Lunch: pork chop, cheese, lots of red bell pepper, cucumber & dip

Afternoon: paleo bar, shared a pear with Baby Bodkin

Dinner: pork chop, spinach salad w/walnuts & raspberry dressing (not great but reeeally craved something sweet), wine

First day of three of Dada being away…. and I heard about him all day long! 🙂

So hard to not to give in to snacking on a bunch of stuff tonight but trying to be strong! Lol. I ate a good dinner, I don’t neeeeed snacks. Gonna just drink my vino and watch Bachelorette. Ooh, a little sweet treat would be so good right about now. I haven’t been eating any chips so far (save for a few tortilla chips one day early on) and prior to this I had been eating them whenever I felt like it so that’s some progress. Chips/other carby snacks should be a once in while treat (AFTER I shed some ell bees!) not a near-nightly occurrence …

Days 13 & 14 (Sun-Mon)


Breakfast: coffee & small piece cake at church – moment of weakness

Lunch: leftover taco chicken, odds & ends…can’t remember

Afternoon – chocolate milk

Dinner: sweet & sour meatballs, rice, broccoli


Breakfast: paleo bar

Lunch: deli turkey, gouda cheese, strawberries

Mid afternoon : iced coffee, light on the sugar

Dinner: grilled pork chops & BBQ sauce, two salads: spinach/strawberry/walnuts with Vidalia peppercorn dressing; tomato/red bell pepper/avocado/red onion/feta with oil & lemon juice (about to have dinner as I post this! Mmm!)

Really liking the Perrier Lime for the past couple days. I got a bigger bottle of it instead of buying the cans, and just have it on the counter cause I don’t have much room in the frigo right now…and it has stayed fizzy for 3 days now!

Days 11-12 (Fri-Sat)

Breakfast: carrot muffin

Lunch: leftover taco chicken & beans with cheese avocado & tomato

Dinner – at friends house’:
One small piece lasagne & salad; red wine

Post-dinner snacks:
A few rice crackers w/ cream cheese & pepper jelly
Roasted salted almonds
1 mini cheesecake bite (had no crust but icing on top)
Dark chocolate Lindor balls…second glass red wine


Breakfast: carrot muffin
Walked to & from Springfest and meandered around.

Late morning: iced coffee

“Lunch”: Wendy’s chicken nuggets (eaten on the go as I ran errands for a couple hours)

Was tired after errands, so rested a bit on the couch but then surprisingly, I had a decent amount of energy before the supper hour, which I normally don’t. Had a walk with stroller to Foodland and then to Pizza Shak to place our order, took the long way back through a neighbourhood. It was almost too warm but ok. Was thirsty when I got home, should have brought my water bottle, but not drop dead exhausted.

Dinner: gluten-free thin crust pizza with sausage & mushrooms; hot wings & blue cheese dip; veggies; red wine

Bought meat to grill and lots of veggies/salad stuff.
Need to make more paleo bars. I don’t really like the carrot muffins very much, but I’d maybe have them again with a little tweaking (less vanilla, less honey, and somehow make them less wet…maybe increase the coconut flour by a little bit?)
I bought a bunch of sparkling water and plan to put them to chill in the fridge and have with lime wedges for a zero carb refresher that’s more exciting than plain water. The weather is getting hotter and I’m craving so many cold refreshing drinks (which, usually, is often enough anyway!).

Days 9 & 10 (Wed -Thurs)

It is legitimately getting hard to remember what all I ate/drank the day before but I keep forgetting to post the same day..

Breakfast: paleo bar

Lunch: don’t remember…I think I had hardboiled eggs & avocado again

I think I had a few snacks this day but truly can’t remember.

Afternoon: I think I had an iced coffee.

Dinner: hot Italian sausages, salad

After dinner: coconut flour carrot muffin, fresh out of the oven! Verdict: Okay. They’re really… vanilla-y. And I think I’d bake them longer next time cause they’re reeeeally moist, maybe underbaked.


Breakfast: coconut flour carrot muffins

Lunch: randoms…. deli turkey, cheese, coconut flour muffin, milk

Afternoon: Iced mango tea from Starbucks

Dinner: chicken taco salad with pinto beans, avocado, red/orange/yellow peppers, tomatoes, onions

After dinner: bowl strawberries on their way out, needed to be polished off

Day 8

Breakfast: iced coffee, paleo bar

Lunch: hardboiled eggs with avocado & tomato, strawberry & blackberries

Dinner: Hot Italian sausages (thanks Costco, I THOUGHT I was buying honey garlic…wrong label! Actually quite spicy, His Nibs took plentiful swigs of milk), sauteed diced sweet potatoes with Trader Joe’s roasted garlic salt and a drizzle of maple syrup (a hit with all of us), Greek salad with a creamy lemon-tzatkiki-feta inspired dressing I made with yogurt…felt like something different than my usual vinaigrette.

Discovered my current favourite way to eat hardboiled eggs –cooked only medium; bring to a boil then remove from heat and let cook 8 minutes, then run under cold water briefly then peel immediately and eat them still warm — with s & p of course. I used to do 12 minutes and they were fully cooked. Then I tried 10 and I liked them even more. Today I tried 8. Yummy!! Just on the brink of being runny in the very middle but NOT runny yet. Just med-soft. His Nibs also devoured two of them like this, at lunch today, not a crumb left. WHAT? This boy who didn’t eat eggs?? I’ll have to try to keep making them fresh & warm for him and hope he keeps eating them. He does NOT like cold hardboiled eggs. I’ve gotta say, I think devilled eggs might be the only form in which I like them cold & hardboiled.

I think I have all ingredients for the paleo pancakes and gf carrot muffin recipes you posted — picked up some tapioca starch at Bulk Barn this morning since I knew it was the only thing I was missing for those pancakes — now I just need to get baking at some point! Not my forte but I like eating the results!

Days 5, 6, 7

Very disappointing because it felt like Saturday night undid my whole week, and I didn’t have much choice. We went to our far-away friends’ for dinner and they said it was going to be Italian food. I was hoping if it was pasta there would at least be a way to avoid the actual pasta part. We brought olives, a hunk of good parm, homemade bruschetta & store bought mini toasts (we knew they love bruschetta and I could eat it with a spoon too), and wine. Another friend, of Italian heritage, was staying with them for the weekend and taking care of dinner. Well, no pasta, but it was a casual spread of all these toasts with all different things on them — a sauce he had just made (it was SO GOOD), pesto, some thin-sliced Italian cured meats, mozzarella/basil/tomato, etc. But all the toasts were made up already and presented on plates. I couldn’t in any polite way have refrained from eating since really, that was what there was save the olives I’d already been snacking on, annnnd it was after 7:00pm and I was really hungry. It was all super delicious, I just didn’t want to be eating the bread 😦 Well, I COULD have refrained from any dessert after that but they’d also got an assortment of delicious baked goods from a bakery. I was like MEH, I’ve already ruined this night. Cut them all up so we could sample and I had two fourths of an insanely good cupcake, and a piece of Nanaimo bar (which was not very good, way too sweet). Along with some good coffee.
(The kids had had some leftover chicken and potatoes they had in the fridge, and ran around wildly, clearly both enjoying having a playmate, before going to bed at 7. Our babbaloo zonked, slept like a rock and we had to wake him from a deep sleep at 10:30 to drive home.)
It was a really nice night, but I so wished I had brought a big salad, because in that case I think would have filled up on that, took some meat and cheese from the counter and just been like, I’m really trying to stay away from bread (and then not touched dessert either!) Ha. Oh, the social side of trying to eat primal when I’m not really THAT strict…

So to recap the day:
Breakfast: paleo bar & coffee
Lunch: hardboiled eggs and a few other randoms like tomato (I think? can’t really remember now)
Dinner: wheat galore…toasts with cheese, olives, Italian meats, wine, etc.
1/2 a cupcake, 1/2 a Nanaimo bar, coffee with cream.

Breakfast: coffee; paleo bar later morning
Lunch: hardboiled eggs, bacon, avocado slices, cherry tomato/red onion/cucumber salad
Dinner: garlic sausages & salad (I think? lunch is easier to remember than dinner for some reason!)

Breakfast: paleo bar, strawberries
Lunch: Rozie’s Cafe – my combo had eggs, breakfast sausage, baked beans, tomato, and a very small amount of home fries (grr, but better for me anyway!)….chose cinnamon raisin toast for Babaloo to eat — he devoured it — I refrained from any!
Dinner: chicken sausages & broccoli,strawberries/blueberries with yogurt, honey & cinnamon for a dessert —  had a Captain & ginger beforehand (ugh! weakness!)