Springtime and activity!

I haven’t been writing activity in my updates but the weather has been much warmer and basically every day we go to the park. If we don’t walk to our own park, and drive to another one, then we almost always also take a walk around the area too before leaving. I really like going to Port Dalhousie because there are two parks, one of which is especially great for little ones, and I can take a nice walk in between them and walk a little extra around the area.

It’s a little tricky cause I would love to take longer walks but babe is getting to the point where he is ok with some stroller time but really needs to be moving and active himself. On our days off as a family before babe was mobile we’d do tons of strolling, now he needs to be able to play so it’s less walking time for us. Of course he can walk holding a hand, but he doesn’t like doing it for very long.

But yeah, walking, and chores/every-day movements are my only form of activity. Babe likes puttering in the yard but that’s not too much movement for me. I try to stay standing and putter around rather than just sit, since I do a lot of lounging if he’s playing inside and wants me there with him rather than in the kitchen.

I don’t want to complain too much about this phase of life (toddler) cause I DO like it, and I’ll be in it for awhile, hopefully having more babies. But it is often tricky to actually do much. The park is great for the kids, but more stationary for mum.

Day 4

Sigh…it’s going “ok” I guess…but not great. But I’m realizing I’m sure not going as hardcore off carbs & sugar as I once did for my first 30-day challenge (save those amazing warm chips on Taco Tuesdays), and that’s probably why I don’t feel any different yet (other than deprived!!!). I just don’t know if I can muster up the whatever to go as completely gung-ho as I did before, but it’s what I should do!!!! Cold turkey might be what I really need to do, instead of baby steps with setbacks… but alas, still very little willpower…well, I’m telling myself that even an attempt like this at some self-control and discipline is better than nothing.

Breakfast: 2 paleo bars

Early lunch: mixed salad with chicken, bacon & cheese

Afternoon: iced coffee (extremely light on the sugar), salsa with a few Beanitos chips

Dinner: meatballs with spaghetti sauce & parm, salad

-A couple 60% Lindor just now.

Finding myself peckish. I really don’t think it’s because I’m hungry. I ate enough dinner. I’m just in withdrawal from eating whatever the heck I wanted, whenever I wanted it (which is what I was doing, and my beached whale self shows it).

Need to cook up another batch of hardboiled eggs. Need to purchase more cookable veggies and prep them. Really need to do a Costco run tomorrow….berries, veggies, sausages, and we need Brita filters…

Day 3

How is it only 3 days already?? Feels like an eternity of drumming up the willpower to stay away from excess sugar & carbs…craving everything bad sooooo much. I crave milk a lot too. I’ve drunk too much of it in the last couple years, ever since becoming pregs. I used to hate milk! Now it’s hard to stay away! So weird.

Breakfast: plain latte from Balzacs with cinnamon & cocoa on top, paleo bar brought with- great morning for a playdate at the Port Dalhousie lakeside park – was gorgeous out.

Lunch: leftovers from last night… quinoa-beef enchilada mixture

Snack: paleo bar, milk

Dinner: meatballs, broccoli with spicy (and sugary 😦 )peanut sauce, avocado slices with soy sauce & sriracha, orange slices, glass dry chardonnay

Need to plan out more meals, need energy to do get organized, need energy to do a bunch of cooking either during naptime or evening. Unfortunately, it is not working well to have to prep dinner in the 4-5pm range. Bodkins needs to go outside again or have some kind of distraction from the witching hour and it’s WAY too difficult to try to be cooking or prepping food at that time of the day. I can do it a couple times a week when Dada comes up to spend time with him pre-dinner, but he can’t necessarily come up that early every day. Took a long nap/doze/rest today while Bodkins napped and I really needed that but it was so much precious kitchen time. This bug is really wiping me out.




Day 2

Breakfast: Playdate at 9:00 in neighbouring town, bottle water, and Americano with cream, no sugar! Wasn’t remotely hungry, didn’t feel like forcing myself to eat before I left the house. I wished I had a paleo bar to bring with me but I hadn’t made them yet.

Lunch: 2 hardboiled eggs, small avocado, and chopped tomatoes all together with lemon juice, s & p and a drizzle of avocado oil over a bit of spinach; a few pieces leftover taco chicken

Afternoon: was overwhelmed with fatigue (thanks, rando virus) –and let’s face it, probably sugar crashing– whilst walking around the Superstore area doing errands, really needed a pick me up, caved and had a small iced green tea from Sbux. Not even worth it. The mango one was way better.

Piece beef jerky & almonds while cooking dinner

Dinner: ground beef, onion & black bean skillet with enchilada sauce & cheese, cilantro-lime quinoa with tomatoes, over some spinach. Small glass of milk. Which isn’t awesome but had a craving for just a few sips of milk.

This evening made the paleo breakfast bars and they smelled so good I just finished eating one, not that I need it at 10pm. Verdict: crumbly, but really good!!! Way better than the homemade granola bar recipe (and I like those)!! I did add mini dark chocolate chips when there aren’t supposed to be…the granola bar recipe has them and I like that, so I knew I’d like it in these. It calls for 2 tbsp honey, and with the few raisins, coconut oil, and hint of chocolate and vanilla adding some sweet flavour, I think it’s plenty sweet enough, so I would even try reducing it to 1.5 tbsp of honey and then maybe even 1…Delicious!


Water is a given as I drink from my water bottle all day

Hardboiled egg, strawberries
Iced coffee with cream & pinch sugar. (And surprisingly it tasted really good less sweet, which is good!)

Big mixed salad from salad bar at Harvest Barn (incl. chickpeas & quinoa for protein)

Snacked on:
Homemade spicy salsa after I made it this afternoon, with a few Beanitos pinto bean chips, mostly just using the chips as a vehicle to shovel copious amounts of salsa into my pie hole. Those chips are really good though.

Chicken taco meat with peppers & onions over lettuce/spinach with cheese, guacamole, salsa, sour cream
Glass dry chardonnay

*Caved and ate 1 mini Snickers (the bite sized ones). IT’S LIKE HEROIN. I can’t seem to stay away! Obvi I will stop buying so much crap.

Painfully aware how completely addicted to sugar I am…whether it in its pure form, craving sweets or sweet drinks, or just craving carby snacks…Potato chips are way harder for me to give up/limit than anything made of wheat. It’s one thing to cut out wheat, but another to ditch ALL (or at least, ALMOST all) refined sugar is definitely the tougher part for me.

I find myself thinking, if I can’t even last one day…how am I gonna do a week or a month? This is bad. It was much easier before, I think it’s harder now because I know how easy it was to get into shape before, so I’m lazy thinking about it like “ahh anytime I want I can just buckle down and do it”…but clearly that’s not the case…I can’t seem to just do it anytime, can I?? Ha.

Well, today wasn’t absolutely horrible, and tomorrow’s a new day!

Among other necessities, I got plain Greek yogurt and assorted frozen fruit – strawberries, banana, wild blueberries, pitted cherries – with the plan to do more smoothies for all of us in the next couple weeks.
Also plan to hardboil a bunch more eggs to have on hand.
Should really make some more coconut flour muffins. Been wanting to find a recipe that uses yogurt and or applesauce.
I still have most of that baggie of chocolate squares from you, most of them are dark choco, that I could have as my treat.