Day 23 (Weds June 1)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, 2 HB eggs, 1/2 pear

lunch: mixed green salad, chicken breast/tomato/onion/parm bake,watermelon

Afternoon : slice of banana bread (so hard to resist)

Supper: romaine salad, fritata

Lates: cashews & unsweetened coconut chips

Day 22 (Tuesday May 31)

Starting to feel more positive about things. I think I’m over the worst of the adjustment. It’s starting to feel like I’m not totally craving junk all the time. Not that I’m not still having treats now and then, but things feel more manageable. Still very tired though. I need to go for a physical and blood work soon, so it’ll be interesting to see how things look there. On the bright side I have lost of couple LBs! Doesn’t really feel/look like it yet, but the numbers are encouraging to me. Woo!

breakfast: 2 eggs, watermelon

lunch: 2 hobo style open face rice cake sarnies with lettuce, ham, cheese, pickles, etc. and crudites. Watermelon (have a huge container that needs to get eaten asap!)

afternoon: dark chocolate

supper: clean out the fridge – baked cod, potato/onion/pepper hash, romaine/mango/orange/pepper/black bean salad. Sour watermelon gummies (haha… just noticed the website I got the recipe from is called “Meatified”… lol.. actually that site looks like it has a lot of good recipes!) and half a slice of regular banana bread.

evening: post-yoga steamed artichoke with super yummy lemon-garlic mayo dip.


Day 20 (Sunday May 29)

another bad sleep. partly because my hands kept falling asleep, which I am pretty sure after careful observation is related to alcohol intake. Another good reason to go easy on the purple drank (Coalhurst Cabernet?). I also think I’m too hot a lot at night; need to switch to an empty duvet cover or flat sheet instead of just the regular duvet. Hopefully that will help.

family bday brunch: coffee with cream, fruit salad, yogurt, hashbrowns, bacon, sausage, 1/4 of a cinnamon bun

afternoon: watermelon

supper: 2 tacos

evening: couple spoonfuls of potato salad

activity: neighbourhood walking.

Day 19 (Saturday May 28)

another terrible night. UGH!!!!

breakfast: paleo pancakes, watermelon, coffee with cream

lunch: mixed salad, chicken breast

supper: tacos (1 with tortilla, then just made a salad version). 1 beer.

evening: went out for a drink with a friend. shared an order of a bruschetta-type thing so my half was on one slice of bread. 2 glasses of red wine.

activity: yoga class

Day 18 (Friday May 27)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, few random bites of dried fruit, slice o’ cheese

morning: shared a cupcake (wheaty)

lunch: egg and veggie frittata, bacon, watermelon, coffee w/cream

afternoon: wasabi coconut chips (damn you, deceptively sugary snack!)

supper: 1 taco w/family (corn tortilla, carnitas, guac, mango/bell pepper/black bean salsa)

then…girls’ night out at an Argentenian pizza place. Had a pizza w/ GF crust and 2 glasses of red wine. Probably should have just splurged for the wheat crust as the GF was a total letdown. Oh well.

Had a terrible sleep and was woken at 5am by a child in a soaked-thru-with-the-runs bed…yippee. When I got up at 7 I felt a little funny/dizzy so didn’t have much of an appetite; plus, knew there would be a cupcake at a little birthday gathering this morning so I didn’t force it. By noon, after a busy morning of playing/the park, I was ravenous and weak. Luckily I didn’t have to make my own lunch, and had a nice evening out with friends. But wondering how I’ll feel tomorrow after my big splurge night full of carbs. Will try to make it to yoga.

Feeling ok now, just really tired. Will read a bit then go to sleep. Am thinking I might investigate supplements for sleep if my nights don’t improve.  I seem to be waking up a lot in the night and not falling back asleep. It’s adding up to a real sleep debt.

Day 17 (Thursday May 26)

breakfast: yogurt, berries, coconut, coffee w/ cream
lunch: couple of cashews before noon massage, then a paleo naan wrap with ham & salad inside, plus a hard boiled egg and some some getting-very-soggy Greek salad
afternoon: a few dried apricots
supper: baked chicken thighs, potato salad, romaine/artichoke/parm salad
evening: square of dark chocolate

activity: took a decent walk to run errands.

Day 16 (Weds May 25)

breakfast: coffee w/ cream, yogurt with berries & coconut

[resisted all delicious cookies & treats at a new playgroup we went to for the second time.]

lunch: leftover pizza, crudites

afternoon: nut/seed trail mix with a few morsels of the Hungry Buddha Sriracha coconut chips (not nearly as good as the wasabi ergo so  not worth the sugar! sad trombone.)

supper: bbq’d smokies (1.5), garden salad with dried fruit & pumpkin seeds & EVOO/balsamic on top

evening: 1 beer (maybe I should just buy some red wine… lol)

All in all a pretty good day.


Day 13 (Sunday May 22)

Bfast: eggs with bacon, cheese & jalapenos. coffee with cream.

lunch: smokies, fruit, veggies, cheese, beer

afternoon: beer, more grazing on lunch fixins

Supper: random bits of leftovers. Salad, banana muffin

Evening: veggies and dip, rice crackers, cashews & chocolate chips, club soda w/ lime.

Once again stayed up late enough that I actually got hungry. Need to stop that! (Ding! Stop that. Name that sketch.)

Day 12 (Saturday May 21)

Bfast: paleo pancakes, coffee with cream

lunch: smokie, snap peas, pickles

afternoon: 1.5 beers

Supper: panfriend lemon pepper sole on a garden salad.  Dark chocolate squares.

Evening: leftover artichoke salad. Hungry Buddha coconut chips. Cashews.

activity: spent the morning de-dandelioning our lawn – actually worked up a bit of a sweat! Would have probably gotten most of it done if I hadn’t gotten a huge blister on the palm of my right hand. Boo…

I forgot to say that I’ve also been doing a fitness challenge with my MIL the last few weeks. We started by working up to 50 squats, then turned that into broomstick overhead squats. Now we’re doing both with ab work: either boat pose or side planks. It’s good because she just texts me with the daily challenge which takes only a couple minutes. I definitely wouldn’t do them of my own volition.