Japanese School Lunch Challenge: Feb 11th

As I mentioned in my last post, the Japanese model for school lunches and food education has caught my attention. As I wrote, “the kids are taught they should eat 30 different foods a day and 100 different foods a week. As someone who craves variety, I thought this sounded like a fun challenge. So I’m going to occasionally track my daily variety count here.”

So here we go – this might be fun! I’m going to exclude things like baking soda, salt, and pepper, but try to include everything else.

Breakfast: Lemon poppyseed pancakes, apple

  1. almond flour
  2. milk
  3. eggs
  4. lemon juice, lemon rind
  5. poppyseeds
  6. apple
  7. butter

Lunch: Sole, coleslaw, cauliflower muffins

  1. Sole
  2. Parsley
  3. Shallots
  4. Green cabbage
  5. Green onion
  6. raisins
  7. sunflower seeds
  8. grapeseed oil
  9. grainy mustard
  10. white wine vinegar
  11. cauliflower
  12. jalapenos
  13. cheddar cheese
  14. parmesan cheese
  15. coconut flour
  16. garlic powder
  17. onion flakes

Dinner: Shawarma salad

  1. tomatoes
  2. cukes
  3. yellow onions
  4. chicken thighs
  5. allspice
  6. paprika
  7. cumin
  8. yogurt
  9. tahini
  10. garlic


  1. Dark chocolate

Total: at least 35 foods. Woo!!