What we’re eating…

The process of moving towards primal cooking has been surprisingly easy. Because I love cooking, I’ve been finding it fun to scope out new recipes. Here’s what’s on the menu for dinner this week:

  • Banh Mi salad
  • Cauliflower crust Hawaiian pizza & broccoli salad
  • Shawarma salad
  • Coconut curry salmon with cauli-rice [use yogurt instead of cream cheese, and add extra peppers and onions to the sauce]
  • Pork taco salad (sans chips, I guess!)
  • Bacon & eggs with hashbrowns (maybe) & tomatoes

For lunches: leftovers. For breakfasts: yogurt; eggs, fruits, avocados, coconut pancakes, etc.

This morning I attempted to makeĀ banana pancakes. I mucked with the recipe (added more eggs and bananas and threw in a handful of ground pecans) and they were hard to keep intact, but they tasted great with berries. They were pretty sweet, so I didn’t even miss syrup. But I prefer coconut ones.

I’ve been doing pretty well on the snacking front. I do find that if I eat enough protein at meals, I’m not hungry in between meals. When rice or bread is a main component, my stomach is rumbling with hunger shortly afterwards.

I do need to find some sort of snack that satisfies my cravings for something salty. Though I have cut way back on popcorn, I know it’s got to go completely (except for as a treat, of course!) and that’s the only snack I have that really fits the bill for something salty. I need to get on those primal crackers. They’d be so good with some cheese and olives.

That’s it for me for today. Ciao!