Quick update

Well, it’s been almost two months since I last updated. In that time I have been on two holidays and slipped considerably in my focus on primal eating. It’s amazing how quickly things can work their way into your diet. I’d catch myself thinking, “I ate really well today!” and then remember that I had a piece of cake at a party, or ate a bunch of chips, or some other not-so-great stuff. While my meals themselves had been good, I was conveniently overlooking snacks. Time to get back to primal snacks and, well, not snacking when I’m not actually hungry. I never thought I’d say I was glad for summer to be winding down, but I’m definitely looking forward to the routine of fall.

My weight has resumed its slow creep downward, which is nice because I gained some weight back during my holidays, and I hadn’t realized just how pleased I was about the weight loss until I saw the number on the scale start to go up instead of down. While the pace has slowed, I’m now down to 172. Which means almost 20lbs since I started reducing grains in April, about 5 months ago. Seeing my sister this summer, looking so lean and healthy, was a big inspiration. Since having a baby and leaving the outside office workforce, I got rid of lots of my old “skinny clothes” in an attempt to live with reality and declutter my closet. But I held onto some favourite pieces and it’s been fun to try them on every now and then and see that I am closer to being able to fit back into them. It’s actually really exciting. I gave a bunch of really beautiful dresses to my SIL, and if I continue to lose weight, I may be able to borrow them to wear on occasion!

On the downside, over the last week, my skin has started to break out. My gut reaction now is that it’s probably because of the accumulation of junk food and bits of wheat here and there over the summer. But when I first noticed my skin was clearing up, I wasn’t sure what to attribute it to: primal eating, starting birth control, or a new moisturizer I was using. I’ve been off the pill for about two months now (in the primal spirit, I decided I didn’t really want to be messing with my body in that way) and switched moisturizers a while ago. My skin clearing up was such an amazing benefit of primal eating and I as I mentioned in my last post, think it’s one of the main reasons I have a hard time seeing myself going back to eating the CW way. So, my plan is to work hard at resuming primal eating, reducing alcohol, getting lots of sleep, and seeing where my skin goes from there.

I don’t feel like digging the tape measure out right now to update my measurements, but if my belt is anything to go on, I’ve continued to shed some centimeters, if not inches.

Side note: I’m thinking of trying to reduce my dairy intake. I don’t know though. I really love dairy.

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